We love that you like maybe even love our photographs. We love them too!

If you would like to purchase print copies of any of the images on the site just click the buy button to add them to the cart.  Purchased print pictures are for personal use and not authorized for use commercially.  If you would like to use an image commercially the first step is to reach out to us for more information.


All images appearing on this site are the property of Shutter Release Photography and photographer Joseph Dwyer. They are protected by U.S. and International Copyright Laws. The images are not to be downloaded or reproduced in any way or used for personal, editorial, or commercial purposes without the written permission by Joseph Dwyer.

© 2017-2022 Shutter Release Photography and Joseph Dwyer, All Rights Reserved.


In today's Internet age, we offer clear guidance for the use of our photography when not including monetary payment. In exchange for that usage, there are two clear options you can choose.


1. A watermarked photo
2. A photo without our logo & name and agree to include a link to our website

Most websites, blogs, and social media outlets prefer the unwatermarked option. Editorial publishers can request a photo for publishing;


Once written permission is obtained, these are the requirements for sharing our photography publicly. Please adhere to these term for your protection and ours.


Three versions of appropriate citations are:


The text can appear as Shutter Release Photography, Photography by Joseph Dwyer, or Photographer Joseph Dwyer. For a blog, the citation needs be an underlined hyperlink to the URL and can not have the "no follow" link attribute in the HTML. The credit should appear in the first paragraph of the text. For social media, it should appear as close to the image as possible.

Close proximity of the photo credit to the image reduces confusion over who the photographer is.

For displaying or using our photos on Facebook, Pinterest, or similar websites, each photo must have in the description Copyright Joseph Dwyer, or Copyright Shutter Release Photography,

When using photos online, Photos may not be cropped, altered, or otherwise modified. If an image needs to be modified please contact us to discuss the required modification and if approved we will make the modification and provide a copy of the image. For images with a watermark, our Shutter Release Photography logo must remain attached to every photo and may not be hidden, altered, or removed.

For social media usages, such as Instagram, Twitter, and similar platforms, in lieu of a link to our website, tagging directly to our social media accounts is sufficient. Simply tagging us in the photo does not meet the requirement for crediting us, so use the proper crediting link in the post. You are certainly welcome to tag us in addition to the proper link.

An example of a proper link would be Photography by @sr_photo_joe, Photography by @sr_photo, or Photographer @sr_photo_joe that appears as close to the image as possible and before any other text.

If you can not find us quickly on a particular social media platform, simply use the written format and the full link.


In a printed editorial context like a magazine, proper citation is considered Joseph Dwyer / or Shutter Release Photography / appearing under each image or in the margin per the publication's style guide.


Interested parties must contact and receive separate written permission and offer just compensation before sharing the designated images in printed or electronic advertising, magazines, portfolios, websites, or blogs.

Permission may be rescinded for displaying the images at any time for any reason. If we deliver a request for removal, per our written agreement, you agree to remove the photos within 24 hours of receipt of that request.

Failure to comply with the Terms & Conditions, you agree to compensate us for any usage. Compensation will be based on rates that would be customary for such usage and the industry standards at the time. You may also be held liable for actual and/or staturtory damages.

We suggest referring to Getty Images calculators to quickly calculate possible costs based on industry standards.


Please feel free to share, post, pin or link to our photography as long as you properly attribute the copyright.

Linking to images on pages you manage for yourself in a non-commercial role like Facebook, Pinterest, etc is allowed.

Enrolled students may use our images for school related reports and presentations as long as a proper citation credit is given.


If you would like to license or obtain a usage license for anything found on this website please follow the listed steps.

Please contact us with the following information:

1. Image(s) you'd like to use indicate very specifically
2. Where you will display them
3. How you will display them
4. Intent of the display
5. Duration of the dispay

Also feel free to include any other information you think might be useful.